About Bravo Waukegan

From alive to thriving. We have supported music education in Waukegan for over 12 years!

Bravo’s Mission

The mission of Bravo Waukegan is to provide Waukegan public school students with opportunities to grow through music. Bravo supports the music faculty and programs of the Waukegan schools and provides resources for well-supervised and creative after-school and summer music activities.

The Community We Serve

Waukegan Demographics

  • The city of Waukegan is the largest city in Lake County with a population of 89,102 residents.
  • The demographics have shifted since 2010 with a significant increase in the Hispanic or Latino population. The origin of this population goes beyond Mexico to include Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Spain and countries from Central and South America.

Student Characteristics

  • The Waukegan school district (CUSD) 60 has 14,345 students. The top three ethnic populations are Hispanic 79.6%, Black 13%, White 3.2, and other.
  • Under state guidelines all students in the district are enrolled in the Illinois free breakfast and lunch program.
  • Other characteristics include:
    – Low Income 66.8%
    – English Learners 39.8%
    – Homeless 3%

Bravo Students

In terms of academic success, Waukegan students lag behind the state average. Ready for the next grade level 14.8% compared to the state’s 34%. College readiness statistics for Waukegan are low at 18% compared to the state’s 46%. The good news is that 60% of graduating seniors enroll at colleges and universities; however, this falls behind the Illinois average of 73%.


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