Through Mariachi band clubs, Bravo helps provide culturally relevant music enrichment after-school

Mariachi Program

Bravo initiated the mariachi program in Waukegan schools in 2011. Teachers were sent to Nevada Mariachi Institute for a week-long summer training program. An investment in training and mariachi instruments were essential in establishing a quality program. Mariachi began at the elementary school level and has spread to other grades with clubs active in six schools. Because the fundamental instruments used by the mariachi bands are violins, violas and horns, the traditional band and orchestra classes are strengthened by student participation in the program.

Bravo provides support for afterschool mariachi through the continued acquisition of mariachi instruments, professional training for teachers and students and sponsorship of an annual Mariachi Festival.

What Does it Cost?

  • $3000 launches a Mariachi band
  • $1000 trains one teacher
  • $500 buys one guitarron or two vihuelas (heritage instruments necessary for bands)
  • $250 buys sheet music for all bands
  • $100 buys 1 guitar