For Teachers

Are you in need of support for your music classroom?

Bravo Waukegan Teacher programs

Teachers and Educators:

Bravo believes that continuous, insightful and innovative professional training and growth is crucial to the effectiveness of educators. Therefore, Bravo strives to promote best practices through commitment to increased efficacy, improved teaching and meaningful learning. To that end, we fund teacher requests throughout the year. We encourage you to apply.

Consider Applying for a Grant if You:

  • are eager to improve your classroom instruction
  • are willing to document your new approach in detail
  • have an imaginative and well considered plan for enriching classroom instruction and can show desired outcomes
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Bravo Teacher Grant

The Bravo grant application is intended for teachers who are seeking to enrich their classroom instruction by participating in innovative professional development training.

Bravo Purchase Request

For smaller classroom needs, please fill out the below purchase request. Previous purchases Bravo has made for
classrooms has included music, instruments such as recorders, rental transportation, etc.

musical instrument donations
Trio of Bravo bass players

For Your Students​

Your students should be in the know.


Bravo scholarships rental fees and music instruction costs for individual students on a needs basis. If you are aware of a student who is in need, please fill out the below form.

Instrument Purchase

Bravo assists students in the purchase of a gently used and inspected instrument at cost through Own Your Own. If you have a student ready for their own instrument, please inform them.

Summer Music Camp

Bravo Buddies summer music camp offers private music instruction for four weeks mid-June through mid-July. The program is for Waukegan elementary and middle school students. Encourage them to enroll!