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African Drum Lessons

African Drumming Lesson

Five(ish) Minute African Drum Lessons. In this series, percussionist Farai Malianga talks about drums and

Little Kids Rock logo

Kids Rock!

Comprehensive modern band resources. Instructional videos, links to songs with chord charts for ukelele, piano,

Rhythm Randomizer

Rhythm Randomizer

Creates random rhythms with different difficulty options. Helps students read and notate music. See the

Careers in Music

Careers in Music

Links to different interviews about potential careers in music. Visit JW Pepper site.


Musicplay Online

Musicplay Online – usually paid subscription, but free through school closures.

Snare Technique

Snare Technique

Fresh approach to snare by Mark Wessels. Watch his videos on his YouTube channel.

Beat and Loops

Drum Machine

Online rum machine (create drum loops & rhythms). Helps improve, arrange, and compose music. Visit

San Fran Symphony keeping Score site

Music History

Interactive websites that features composers, musical technique, history, musical scores, and more on the San

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Music History Games

Play Beethoven’s Baseball or place composers on a timeline, while learning music history on the

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Virtual Keyboard

Improvise and notate music with a virtual keyboard. Use your phone, or computer using QWERTY

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Black Violin

Black Violin

Black Violin performs a new single “A Flat” off of their highly anticipated Sophomore album “Classically Trained” produced by Infamous.