On April 9th, Bravo Waukegan will Host a Virtual Wine and Cheese Fundraising Event

Join us on the 9th and help support a great cause!

A percentage of the proceeds will go to Bravo Waukegan in support of our music mission.

If making a donation, please do not register as “anonymous” because we will be unable to send you your event ticket and properly recognize you with a thank you/tax letter after the event. Also, continue to check your spam folder for possible misdirected emails.

Any questions? Contact Karey Walker at Bravo Waukegan: 847-722-5821

Evening Line-Up

Kim will Emcee with lively comedy. Fernando and Ferdinando, both master sommeliers, will lead us through the evening’s wine tasting, live music, and paddle raise.

Bravo’s virtual wine and cheese fundraiser is hosted in partnership with Wine Insiders and Autohaus on Edens. 

This wine and cheese bash is a virtual way to support our mission. After a year of remote learning, Waukegan music students want to return to school and play music together in the classroom and through public performances. In the last year, Bravo has brought to the District four vibrant online music resources and is in the process of planning for a fifth.

Event Details here.